Saturday, May 1, 2010


It takes one hour and half to go to DIA, a modern art foundation.
The train is going along the river Hudson's side.

The collection is very impressive, they show monumental pieces of major's artists of the 20th century.

Joseph Beuys

Louise Bourgeois

Richard Serra

Ther was also a performance of the dancer Trisha Brown. Unfortunately no more tickets...I was so disappointed because I love her work !
For those who don't know her, check the link :
And many more....
The website of DIA Beacon

Saturday evening in New York : The barbecue.

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  1. Well, Grand Central Station seems gigantic !
    Didn't the spider scare you ? Also looks huge, but beautiful...

    And why didn't you join the barbecue party ? I'm sure they would have welcomed you nicely ;)

    It's 9:30 am here, and the news tell there was a bomb alert on Times Square, hope it won't disturb your program. It didn't explode, so it's all good !

    Bisous sœurette !