Friday, June 4, 2010

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I will share what happened in Paris in cultural and Art worlds.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 7th


Julian Gilbert-Davis

Cybele Maylone

Julia Knight

Steven Rand

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 5th


Chaim Gross foundation in Soho

Opening of Gerard Mosse's exhibition in Chelsea

Julian is working at Apexart

Talk with the painter Mimi Gross

Private joke

Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3rd


Lecture of Poetry : Alien language for me in English...

I visited the studio of Satyakam SAHA

In fact, I am to drunk to do correctly my blog today!
But I tried !!!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 2nd


Who is remembering a wave?

En latin, pinceau veut dire "petit penis"
In latin, bruch (penicillus) means "little penis"

Funny way my road.

No need for mushrooms.

Jellyfishes in summer time are always in dark red.

Listening Archie Shepp.

Or "Sound of vision"

Put your instincts away.


Saturday, May 1, 2010


It takes one hour and half to go to DIA, a modern art foundation.
The train is going along the river Hudson's side.

The collection is very impressive, they show monumental pieces of major's artists of the 20th century.

Joseph Beuys

Louise Bourgeois

Richard Serra

Ther was also a performance of the dancer Trisha Brown. Unfortunately no more tickets...I was so disappointed because I love her work !
For those who don't know her, check the link :
And many more....
The website of DIA Beacon

Saturday evening in New York : The barbecue.

Friday, April 30, 2010

April 30th

SOHO the pink street

Walter De Maria's installation : an apartment completely covered in 22 inches of earth.

T.W.O The work office.
Katarina Jerinic and Naomi Miller received me to talk about this wonderful idea of their space.
This Art project is disguised as an employment agency. Artists apply for a "Job", get hire, and get pay in return (23 dollars by week, exactly the price in the 30's crisis) They reinvent the system of that time, I think that idea is very smart and very funny.

Sarah is an Employer of the T.W.O
Her work is so great.
She installed a "Bureau of existential crisis services" where people are supposed to speak about their moods problems. I tried it, but the problem is that I have none....We laughted about that and speak about the insecure feelings of Americans people. Thing that we don't have in France...
I learned a lot about American's personal issues.

Beautiful girls in a beautiful project.

Direction The American Folk Art Museum to listen to a concert.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 29th

EMOTIONAL DAY : All in softness

I had the pleasure today to meet the artist Peter Soriano.

His studio is in Brooklyn, but he moves actually for a new place in Wall Street.
I was completely dreaming on his work. The sculptures, that he called each "Other side", are very powerful and poetic. You can see it better on his website here :
I really enjoyed this moment, and was very glad to discover a wonderful work (it is not everyday!)

For lunch, I met Gaspar Dietrich, a photographer. Unfortunately his website is under construction, so I can't show you any pictures.

Get back to 14 Wall Street to live a unique experience.

I couldn't take any pictures obviously because it was a Blind dance.
We had a blindfold before enter the theater, so we couldn't estimate the space.
Then, an amazing dance and sounds piece started. The relationships between dance, space, sounds, colors were very interesting. As a painter, it was a real difficulty to admit the blindness, but a few minutes later, I was in another world. Totally MAGIC.

I finished the day on a workshop of a play about the status of transexuels in New York.
I learned that sexuals differences in this city seems to be more difficult than in Paris.

I think that day was really full of emotions and it was a perfect one !
I still feel so lucky to be trough all that things. I wish that everybody, one month in his life, should have the chance to appreciate the benefit of Art and Knowledge as I live it now !
What a wonderful world, so many scores and variations, so many feelings and moods. I never saturate, my brain is so wildly opened that I could fill it with everything. Moreover, I start to feel a conscience of the whole world, it means that I don't feel french anymore but the participant of a huge community where everyone has a role to play. I hope that my own role as an artist, can make things grown up.
As you can see, I feel more comfortable with english language....And I can express myself a little bit more....Just when I have to live....Too bad, you won't know Marine Karbowski the famous New Yorker's writer. (me neither i guess...)
I think it is a matter of EMERGENCY. It's now or never.
Thanks for following me along this blog.